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ILRC's 5 Core Services

"We believe it's important to empower people with disabilities with opportunities for inclusion, choice and independence."

(Individual & Systems)

Supporting persons with disabilities to enact change in their community.

ILRC coordinates and participates in events such as Disability Awareness Month, Disability Rights Rally, Legislative Day at the Capital and more.

Information & Referrals (I&R)

ILRC provides information and referral to additional community resources, organizations and services to consumers, businesses, and the general public.


Call 573.556.0400 for assistance.

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Independent Living Skills Training

Independent Living Specialists work with individuals one-on-one and/or in peer group settings to develop skills based on their needs and goals. Examples of skills include: pre-employment, driver's permit, kitchen and cooking skills, cleaning, budgeting, housing and more. 

Peer Support

ILRC offers various activities throughout the year for youth, young adult and adult consumers providing opportunities for socialization and peer support development, improving mental health wellness and support networks. Peer Support is offered with group and individual options.


Transition assistance is provided to ensure the greatest level of independence by diverting individuals from institutions, transitioning people out of institutions, and helping youth transition from high school to adulthood. ILRC works with consumers to set and achieve their goals towards independence.

Added Value Services

Independent Living Resource Center offers unique added value programs and services to build on our 5 Core Serves upheld by all Centers.

Driver's Permit Program
IEP/504 Info & Support
School Support Services
Budgeting & Financial Management
Socialization Opportunities
Consumer Directed Services (CDS)
Kitchen & Cooking Training
Telecommunications Access Program (TAP)
Care Closet Program
Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Loan Program
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